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By the time you receive this, we will be in the midst of the Christmas rush. Halloween wasn’t over with and Christmas decorations were already in the stores. I wish everything would slow down. The only “good” thing out of the pandemic is having to spend time alone, thinking where we’ve been and where we are going. Having that time to reach inside of ourselves and think about what makes us tick. What do we want. What makes us happy and sad. Being around all of you makes me happy. Being away from you, family and friends makes me sad but I’ve always been able “pull up my big girl panties”. Each of us has an inner strength. I know what mine is – what is yours?

With the numbers rising in Whatcom County, it looks like we will not be able to truly open until Phase 4. I’ve included good information from Erika Lautenbach, Director, Whatcom County Health Department, on celebrating over the holiday on page 4.

Don’t forget Medicare Open Enrollment closes December 7th! 


This photo was taken November 2019. It brings back memories of all the fun we had getting ready for the holidays! From all of us to all of you best wishes for a healthy, safe and wonderful holiday season! We are looking forward to 2021!


December 2020

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